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Theology Major Programs

Theology as a Major

This program is intended for those students who will make Theology the field of major focus in their undergraduate study. The program introduces and explores Doctrinal, Historical, and Liturgical Theology, Biblical Studies, and Christian Life Studies. It intends to prepare students for the many and varied goals which Theology majors might pursue after graduation, whether in graduate study, as preparation for professional school, in teaching theology, or in pastoral work.

Our program's goal is to prepare majors to

  1. Communicate clearly and effectively in theological research papers and oral presentations. 
  2. Think critically about information, historical/intellectual contexts, and arguments regarding theological issues.
  3. Integrate broad and diverse learning within theology.
  4. Appreciate the Christian, Catholic, and Jesuit theological traditions in the context of historical, cultural, and spiritual concerns.
  5. Apply a reasoned approach to effective decision-making, according to sound and coherent ethical principles.

Theology and Teacher Preparation

Creighton's Theology program can also be tightly integrated with the teacher training program offered through the education department. Unlike most states, Nebraska recognizes theology as a certifiable discipline. Therefore Theology majors and co-majors can receive a teacher certification in theology. If you are interested in this, please visit the Education Department's web site.

Career Outlook

The Theology major at Creighton is prepared for further study and various careers. Some graduates go on for masters or doctoral programs in theology or related fields. Others find employment at once in teaching, pastoral work, or community service positions. Still more find that the Theology major, like other humanities majors at Creighton, offers excellent preparation for professional school, particularly in law, medicine, and dentistry. Employers in the business world recognize that the theology major has acquired the skills to think, speak, and write competently, along with a broad cultural background that promises successful performance in positions of responsibility.

Typical Program of Study

The College Core requires all students to take THL 100, one Scripture course, an ethics course (THL 250), and a course in Christian Theology. The Major in Theology requires 24 credit hours beyond these 12 hours, for a total of 36 credit hours in Theology courses.

For further information about Theology or other programs at Creighton:

  • Contact Creighton Admissions (402) 280-2703
  • Contact the Theology Department in the Humanities Center (402) 280-2501

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Contact Information

Department Chair
H. Ashley Hall, PhD
Associate Professor

Office Manager, Dept. of Theology and Christian Spirituality Program
Ms. Liz Stevinson
Humanities Center-Dowling Hall