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Erin Coburn


With hustle and heart, Erin’s hard work and help from the Creighton alumni network paid off.

A poster reading “Hustle and heart will set you apart” hung on the dorm room wall of Erin Coburn, BSBA’17. You could say it is her credo.

Erin Coburn, a Creighton alumni, standing in the Flywheel office

The Libertyville, Illinois, native certainly hustled during her Creighton years. She majored in both finance and marketing, assumed a leadership role of the Creighton Business Symposium, worked five internships that ran the gamut from nonprofit to Fortune 500 to startup, served on the Alpha Phi executive council, and was an executive member of the Heider Dean’s Fellows program.

Coburn’s willingness to lead, work hard and embrace new experiences and environments led her to an internship at Flywheel, an Omaha web hosting company specializing in WordPress, and ultimately helped to secure her full-time employment at the tech startup.

When Flywheel offered her a permanent position in its sales department, she jumped at the chance. “Normally, I make really calculated, thorough decisions where I take a lot of time to weigh the pros and cons of my options,” she states. “But this decision to stay with Flywheel was one of the easiest decisions of my collegiate career.” 

Creighton’s alumni network, she maintains, helped her follow the Flywheel path. She learned about the internship from a Creighton alumna who works at Flywheel, via Jeremy Fisher, MBA, PHR, director of the John P. Fahey Career Center. 

“I’ve come to realize,” Coburn states, “that Creighton is well-connected with alumni across the U.S. who are still very Bluejay proud!” 

Because she accepted a job offer early in her senior year, Coburn was able to tailor her second semester classes toward building the skills she knew she would use in her post-graduation job. Now in her second year at Flywheel, Coburn has moved into an agency sales representative position. 

“If I am constantly learning new things and being challenged by a job, I’ll be happy and successful,” she says.