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Stephanie Gier

Flexible, reputable programs made Creighton degrees a new family tradition for Stephanie.

Stephanie Gier doesn’t mind that it took a few years to earn her MBA degree. With a background in business administration, she already works full-time as a manager in Union Pacific’s Workforce Resources department, but she saw an advanced degree as an investment in herself and felt supported by Union Pacific while achieving this goal.

“The connections made, the growth in leadership skills, and overall experience is something that cannot be taken away,” says Gier, “and I am grateful for that.”

Gier earned her MBA with a concentration in leadership. Her sister also attended Creighton as an undergraduate student. So she says earning a degree from Creighton is a new family tradition.

“The great thing about the MBA program at Creighton was the ability to customize your learning. 

The curriculum is established, but you have the opportunity to pursue courses based on your interests and past work and educational experiences. Plus, the Creighton community takes an interest in your success by offering one-on-one advising, smaller class sizes, and the ability to enroll either in-person or online courses,” Gier says.

Also important was the University’s tuition deferral program, of which Gier took advantage. This is just one other way that graduate students can customize their experience and make it work for their unique situation.