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Taylor Rowland

I’m the president of Creighton’s accounting honor society chapter, and through research I’m exploring how economic development can empower women. And I can do it because I’m a Bluejay. Creighton is helping me become a leader for tomorrow.

Accounting and Business Intelligence and Analytics, Heider College of Business

As someone who grew up without a strong faith tradition, I never expected to attend a religious university. But I was inspired by Creighton’s commitment to the Jesuit values of service and justice and by its mission to shape “men and women for and with others.”

Since coming here, I’ve tried to live out those values in several areas. As an accounting and business intelligence and analytics major, I began exploring the question of whether economic globalization positively impacts the rights of women worldwide. The data I’ve looked at so far seems to indicate that it does. It’s research I hope to continue as I complete my junior and senior years, as knowing more about the economic factors that impact the lives of women could influence future policy.

Creighton has also inspired me to more deeply explore the idea of service. During my three years here, I’ve participated in three service trips through the Schlegel Center for Service and Justice, working locally here in Omaha, as well as in Iowa and Oklahoma. These experiences have shown me that “service” is more than just volunteer work. When we engage in service, we actively reflect on our actions and how they impact the lives of others. 

These experiences have all shaped me in different ways, and they’ve equipped me with the skills I need to be a leader in my future career. Here on campus, I lead my fellow students as the president of the Creighton chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, the national accounting honor society, organizing events and working with local partners to deliver presentations to our members. 

In the long term, I’d like to return to academia so I can give the next generation of students the same great experience I’ve had at Creighton.

When I graduate, I hope to pursue a career in forensic accounting, helping to investigate financial crimes.
— Taylor Rowland