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Dominic Jasso


Dominic Jasso’s Creighton experience helps him achieve dream career in big tech.

Creighton’s Business Intelligence and Analytics program helps alum rise in tech industry

Dominic Jasso, BSBA’18, taps into his Heider College of Business foundation to help develop pilot program at TikTok

From Toast to Yahoo! to TikTok, Dominic Jasso, BSBA’18, has steadily advanced in his tech career since graduating from Creighton’s Heider College of Business as a business intelligence and analytics (BIA) major.

“Working for a tech giant was a dream of mine,” Jasso says of his move from Toast to Yahoo!. “I feel like everyone majoring in business has big aspirations at some point of working for a large firm or a well-established company.”

Evidently Jasso dreamed big, because he not only landed one position with a Fortune 500 tech firm but two when he accepted an invitation to join the high value acquisition team at TikTok.

Business Intelligence and Analytics in Action

Dominic Jasso celebrating Greek life at Creighton.

He attributes much of his success to immediately jumping into the tech workforce with his first job at Toast, a company that connects restaurant owners with local field representatives to help simplify their workflow.

“I was able to establish really great connections while working at Toast” as a sales associate, he says. “The work that I put in at that job is what led me to my role at Yahoo!,” where he served as a senior account executive with the company’s acquisition team.

Jasso’s move to Yahoo!’s Austin, Texas, office to continue his career was a homecoming of sorts. Living in the Lone Star capital meant he was much closer to family in Tyler, Texas, his hometown.

A few years into his tenure with Yahoo!, Jasso was approached about an open position in TikTok’s Austin office. During the interview process, he discovered he could really grow in the position, which was attractive to the life-long learner in Jasso. He accepted the offer but moved quickly into a position with the high value acquisition team ­– the company’s first outbound ad sales team.

It was a challenge he could sink his teeth into. Jasso and his teammates were tasked with seeking out small businesses with potential for growth on TikTok. Once identified, TikTok’s account management team would provide these businesses with premium strategic counseling, building go-to-market strategies on TikTok self-serve ad platform.

Jasso had the opportunity to channel his professional strengths and TikTok’s market access into helping small (often young) businesses accelerate. It’s work he finds extremely rewarding.

Through a Creighton education, you learn to think sharply, make ethical decisions and see the bigger picture.
— Dominic Jasso

The Creighton Difference

Dominic Jasso walking his dog on the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge.

Why did Jasso choose a business education for his college career? Because, he says, “business skills are like manners; everyone should have them.” Heider’s curriculum gave him access to introductory classes in all business disciplines, but he says he was “called to the intelligence and analytics aspect of business. I loved the idea of being able to analyze business processes and help companies become more efficient at everyday tasks.”

Jasso says that Creighton empowered him to be curious, to seek challenges, to never stop learning. This intellectual drive serves his clients – and his own career trajectory – well.

“In a role like mine, it’s crucial to be up to date with the current market and product updates. The way I see it, if you’re not learning, you’re not growing,” Jasso says.

Commitment to continued learning, collaboration, reflection, service – these are all hallmarks of a Jesuit education that Jasso values and embraced as an undergraduate student. He welcomed the opportunity to learn from and establish relationships with professors who brought deep industry experience to their classrooms. He honed leadership skills as social chair and then president of his social fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, and through participation in the Presidential Leadership conference and Career Portfolio Program. He also gave of himself, traveling to Nazareth Farm in West Virginia for a spring break service trip. 

Because he took a chance on Creighton for his college years rather than staying in his home state, he says he grew in confidence.

“Through a Creighton education, you learn to think sharply, make ethical decisions and see the bigger picture,” Jasso continues.

And he knows a little about the bigger picture. He is from Texas, after all.

Dominic Jasso in Omaha