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Refunds, Overpayments and Withdrawals

Direct Deposit of Refunds

Creighton University encourages students who are expecting an over payment or financial aid credit in excess of charges on their tuition account to sign up for Direct Deposit of Refunds in TouchNet through NEST.

Students may have the refunds deposited into any United States bank account they choose. Creighton University does not endorse any specific financial institution.

Students should sign up for Direct Deposit of Refunds at least three business days prior to an expected refund to allow time for the account to be activated.  Once the student has signed up, all future refunds will be directly deposited to the bank account indicated unless the student initiates changes or cancels Direct Deposit of Refunds in TouchNet* Students signed up for Direct Deposit of Refunds will receive an email notification at least one business day prior to the actual deposit of their refund. It is the responsibility of the student to make sure that the banking information entered is accurate and kept up-to-date should you close your account or change banks. Failure to do so will result in a delay to your expected refund.

* Please note: If a refund has been issued prior to the student signing up for Direct Deposit of Refunds, the refund will be issued as a paper check. Creighton University will not cancel the check to issue the refund as a Direct Deposit.

Sign Up Instructions:

  1. Login to NEST.
  2. Select "Student Accounts."
  3. Select "Account Information”
  4. Select “Electronic Refunds” at the top of the page and enter your bank's routing number, your account number, and designate the account type as checking or savings.
  5. Select "Submit."

Financial Aid Awards

All financial aid proceeds will be credited to the student's tuition and fee account. Student loan proceeds will disburse three business days prior to the start of class if all information required has been completed in a timely manner. Students will be notified to their Creighton University email account if any financial aid checks require endorsement.

Federal Financial Aid Refunds

If Federal Financial Aid exceeds assessed charges, refunds will be disbursed within 14 days after the Federal Financial Aid is credited to the student account. If the student has signed up for Direct Deposit of Refunds on NEST the refund will credit to the bank account on file. If the student has not signed up for Direct Deposit of Refunds a check will be sent to the permanent address on file. It is the student's responsibility to maintain accurate records on the NEST.

Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)

Refund checks will be issued for any over payment that is created by a Federal PLUS and will be refunded directly to the parent borrower within 14 days of the loan posting to the student's account. If a parent prefers to have the refund issued to their student, they should select the "Refund to Student" option when applying for the loan. If the parent borrower did not select this during the application process, the parent borrower must submit a written request to the Business Office. Written requests may be provided in person, by mail, through email, or fax.

The university refund policy has been created to support our mission and allow students the maximum amount of time to reflect and discern their course schedule and educational goals. A student is considered in attendance and is responsible for any tuition balances due until s/he has formally notified Creighton University in writing of their withdrawal. Tuition refunds are based on the date s/he made their formal withdrawal. Students who formally withdraw from the University before the official start date of the semester or term will not be liable for the tuition or fees associated with each course. If a student withdraws after the official start date of the semester or term, tuition refunds will be posted to the student's tuition and fee account based on the schedule below.


Tuition & Fees
100% Refund

80% Refund

60% Refund

40% Refund

20% Refund

Not Eligible for Refund

Full Semester (Fall or Spring)

1st - 7th calendar day of semester

8th - 14th calendar day of semester

15th - 21st calendar day of semester

22nd - 28th calendar day of semester

29th - 35th calendar day of semester

36th calendar day and after

10-, 11- or 12-Week

1st - 5th calendar day of term


6th - 10th calendar day of term


11th - 15th calendar day of term

16th calendar day and after

7- or 8-Week

1st - 4th calendar day of term


5th - 7th calendar day of term


8th - 10th calendar day of term

11th calendar day and after

4-, 5- or 6-Week

1st - 3rd calendar day of term


4th - 5th calendar day of term


6th - 7th calendar day of term

8th calendar day and after


1st - 2nd calendar day of term


3rd - 4th calendar day of term



5th calendar day and after

1- or 2-week

1st calendar day of term





2nd calendar day and after


Creighton University is required to complete the return of federal aid calculation for all students receiving financial aid. This is a proportional calculation based upon time enrolled during a semester, type of aid received, and direct costs. Students impacted by this policy will receive a worksheet outlining the steps and resulting calculation.

For the Doctor of Medicine program withdrawal/refund policy, please view the Creighton University School of Medicine Medical Education Program Policies.

Continuing Education Refund Policy: Continuing education and professional development courses may be cancelled by the attendee in writing up to 7 days before the course begins for a full refund, less a $25 processing fee. Some courses are not eligible for a refund; these exceptions are noted in specific course descriptions. If a course is cancelled by the University for non-weather related issues, the student will be notified and a full refund will be processed. In the event of a weather related closure, the course will be rescheduled.

Refunds of food and housing due to withdrawal from the University will be prorated.

Nonrecurring fees, the application fee, the University fee, the technology fee, special service fee and penalty fees will be charged in full, after the 100% refund period. The nonrecurring, penalty, and special service fees include; deferred payments, late payments, special examination/evaluations, challenge examinations, recording, tuition remission administrative fees, orientation fee and lockers.

Undergraduate full-time students who drop courses after the last day for late registration but remain full-time (12 or more credit hours) receive no refund. If a full-time student drops to part-time status, refund of the difference between the full-time tuition charge and the per-credit-hour charge for the courses being continued will be made in accordance with the refund schedule. Students assessed tuition per credit hour, including part-time students, graduate students, law students and students in a summer session, will be charged for courses dropped in accordance with the refund schedule. In the event of total withdrawal, students will be refunded in accordance with the refund schedule.

A student will be considered as having withdrawn from the University after two consecutive weeks of unexplained absence. However, this policy is not to be considered as revoking the regulation that requires a student to notify the Dean in writing of his/her withdrawal. Refunds are made to the student on the basis of the date he/she has formally notified the Dean in writing of their withdrawal.

Creighton University's return policy for Military Tuition Assistance (TA) funds aligns with the return of unearned student aid rules applicable to Federal student aid as required under section 484B of the Department of Education Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965. Unearned TA funds will be refunded on a proportional basis through at least the 60 percent portion of the period for which the funds were provided. TA funds are earned proportionally during an enrollment period, with unearned funds returned based upon when a student stops attending. In instances when a Service member stops attending due to a military service obligation, Creighton will work with the affected Service member to identify solutions that will not result in a student debt for the returned portion.

If you settled any portion of your account with a credit/debit card, the card must be refunded first before the remaining balance can be processed through any other refund method. As stated in the Payment Options, the 2.95% processing fee is non-refundable.

If a Personal Check was used as a method of payment and a credit balance is created by a tuition adjustment, the refund amount will be returned after 10 business days have passed to ensure that a check has cleared the account.