Department of Mathematics

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Department of Mathematics
Hixson-Lied 504
Creighton University
Omaha, Nebraska
Phone: 402.280.2827

The College of Arts and Sciences offers a degree of Bachelor of Science with a concentration in mathematics, and the degree of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.

The undergraduate programs in mathematics prepare graduates for employment in industry and teaching or to continue their education in graduate programs. Included in the mathematics and statistics offerings are the courses required for a field endorsement in mathematics for preparation for teacher certification. Students who already have a bachelor's degree in another field or do not desire to take all the courses required for one, may obtain a certificate in mathematics or statistics by successfully completing a program consisting entirely of courses in mathematics or statistics.

Mathematicians study concepts and theories used to solve problems involving quantitative and qualitative relationships. Those who do research to discover new theories or to increase basic knowledge are classified as theoretical mathematicians. Those engaged in developing techniques and methods are classified as applied mathematicians. Career opportunities for mathematicians exist in such areas as physics, engineering, space technology, economics, business management, finance, statistics, actuarial science, operations research, medical research, environmental sciences, and teaching.