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CSU Fellowship

CSU Fellows Program

CSU fellows from 2019

(pictured: 2019 Fellows)

The Creighton Students Union Presidential Fellowship enters its eighth year in the 2020-2021 school year. The Creighton Students Union is the comprehensive student government at Creighton University - all nine schools and colleges have representation within CSU. The CSU Presidential Fellowship gives first semester students the opportunity to become involved with student government before our annual elections in November.

The Presidential Fellows will have the unique opportunity to develop their leadership skills through networking with current student leaders, Creighton administrators, and Omaha community leaders. Presidential Fellows will also partake in an Ignatian Leadership seminar and begin to explore the underlying values that explain why they believe what they believe.

The Presidential Fellowship consist of about twenty first-year Creighton students who will take part in leadership development programs, experience the ins and outs of CSU programming, legislate on the behalf of the Class of 2024, and much more. The Presidential Fellows will meet with the President of the Creighton Students Union weekly starting in September 2020.

The Leadership Development aspect of the CSU Fellowship has been broken down into three categories. Guest speakers will attend our weekly meetings and speak about leadership as it relates to one of the three categories (see below).

Creighton Leadership
The first several weeks of the semester focus on getting acclimated to the Creighton Community and what it means to be a student at a Jesuit institution. Before they can really learn about being a leader on campus, they must first learn what it means to be a student on a campus as unique as Creighton.

Personal Development & Leadership
The second segment of the semester focuses on the personal piece of being a leader at Creighton and beyond. Students will be able to discover their own unique leadership style and determine how to most effectively relay that to their peers. These sessions will include presentations on personal branding, strengths & weaknesses, and professionalism.

Application to the Future: Setting the World on Fire
The semester concludes with a segment devoted to looking toward the future, and different options for leadership during the fellows' time at Creighton and beyond. Once the fellows have developed their leadership style and understand how they lead most effectively, they can begin seriously considering getting involved in executive positions within campus organizations. Sessions during this period will include student leadership panels, alumni reflections, and communications sessions.

Confirmed Speaker List

  • Creighton University President Fr. Daniel Hendrickson                                     
  • Creighton University Administrators                                                                  
  • Members of the Creighton Jesuit Community                                                    
  • Creighton Student Leaders                                                                                
  • Omaha Community Leaders                                                                               
  • Creighton Faculty & Staff

Please direct any and all questions to the President of the Creighton Students Union, Colby Austin (

2020 Presidential Fellows

Benicio Archuleta|

Aiden Barger|

Matthew Bertrand|

Adi Bogenrief | 

Isabella Buada|

Jill Cowley |

Claire Davis |

Charlie Harrington|

Ophelie Koffi |

Gabe Kraft |

John Maynard |

Patra Moore| 

Roland Onwona-Agyeman|

Cal O'Connor |

Tagg Pershing |

Katie Schumacher |

Hunter Tavares |

Xander van den Berg |

Ava Verzani |

Michelle Vigil |