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Governing Documents

These are the documents by which the Creighton Students Union strictly abides.  Each is vitally important in making the union run with fluidity and accuracy.

CSU Constitution

  • This document outlines our mission and duties as a students union.  It describes the purpose for CSU to represent the student body and describes each branch and their responsibilities in brief. 

    On November 7, 2017 at the State of the Student Address the student body voted to add in a diversity and inclusion statement to the CSU constitution.

    As students at a Jesuit University, we are committed to social justice and our calling to be men and women for and with others. The Creighton Students Union exists to serve all students in order to ensure all students experience a fulfilling educational experience at Creighton University. The Creighton Students Union is dedicated to supporting  students inclusive of all race, color, nationalities or ethnic origin, disability, gender identity, religion, immigration status and sexual orientation. The Creighton Students Union is committed to ensuring that all students feel that they are in a welcoming and inclusive environment during their time at Creighton University. The Creighton Students Union condemns hate speech and discrimination in any capacity and is devoted to promoting and protecting the dignity of all people.

CSU Bylaws

  • The CSU Bylaws describe, in detail, the means to run for election and the terms of each office.  This document also maps out the duties of each position within CSU, as well as describing the process by which organizations can obtain funding.  These bylaws may be changed or amended to better accommodate the changing student body. 
  • This document was update on April 27, 2022

Policies and Procedures

  • This document was update in November 2019.