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Current Grad Students

Take Your Graduate Studies to the Next Level

If you’re currently pursuing a graduate degree, you have a wide variety of flexible and economical opportunities to achieve more—often in less time—at the Graduate School at Creighton University.

Dual-Degree Options

Dual-degree programs allow you to pair separate graduate degrees for simultaneous study. With Creighton’s dual degree programs, you can earn two degrees in very different areas, for example Business Administration (MBA) + Law (Juris Doctor) or Business Administration (MBA) + Pharmacy (PharmD).

Regardless of the dual degree pairing you choose, becoming an expert in two fields greatly increases the number of career options available to you upon completion. Because Creighton’s dual degree programs contain courses that contribute towards both degrees concurrently, you’ll invest less time and money than if you pursued each degree program individually.

Discover all of Creighton’s dual-degree options and find out how they can help you get the best value from your education.

Doctoral Degrees

Earning your doctorate at Creighton means attaining the highest level of academic achievement. Joining a doctoral program here means you’ll receive top-quality academic immersion with opportunities to work with nationally recognized faculty.

Best of all, the doctoral programs at Creighton are designed to fit busy and demanding lifestyles. Many programs offer flexible schedules with evening or online classes.

Discover all of Creighton’s doctoral-degree options and find out how they can help you expand your mastery and rise to the top of your field.

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Current Student Resources

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