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Doctoral Degrees

Reach new heights with a doctorate from Creighton

Earning your doctorate at Creighton means attaining the highest level of academic achievement. You’ll pursue new knowledge through research, engage with a network of talented peers and alumni, work closely with nationally recognized faculty and immerse yourself in top-quality academics.

While the coursework is rigorous, we make it easy to fit many of our programs into your busy schedule—most are flexible and offer evening or online classes.

Discover all of Creighton’s Doctoral-Degree Options

A doctorate can help you reach the top of your field in areas such as business, natural science and leadership.

Explore your doctoral-degree options

Creighton’s doctoral-degree programs span a variety of fields. Find your program below to learn about program goals, admission requirements and more.

Leadership Doctoral Degree

Natural Science Doctoral Degrees

Nursing Doctoral Degree

Still not sure which doctoral degree is right for you? Learn more about our Doctoral Degrees in Nursing, Doctoral Degrees in Leadership and Doctoral Degrees in Natural Science.


Learning Options That Make It Easy to Reach Your Goals

Whether you’re an academic who’s relentless in the pursuit of new knowledge or you’re a business professional who’s ready to propel your career forward, our doctoral degree programs have learning options that can fit your lifestyle.

Doctoral programs vary with how much of the coursework is held on-campus. Programs with heavy lab components (such as our doctorates in natural science) are held on campus only, while others are mostly online. The doctorate in interdisciplinary leadership, for example, takes place online but has two residences at the beginning and end of the program.

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