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Dual Degree Programs

Double up on your degree. Double down on your career.

Creighton’s dual-degree graduate programs will give you a competitive edge in the workplace. But they’ll also give you something just as important: Options. You can choose a career that leverages the skills of both degrees or choose a field that emphasizes one or the other.

And because you can take classes that contribute toward both degrees, you’ll save time and tuition, also.

Creighton offers 36 dual degrees in a range of fields.

Explore your options for earning a dual degree

Creighton’s dual degree programs span a wide variety of subjects to help you accelerate the path to earning multiple graduate degrees. Find your program below to learn about program goals, admission requirements and more.

Discover all of Creighton’s Degree Programs

Explore all of your options for earning an advanced degree at Creighton University.

A dual degree can broaden your career path and take you to new heights

By broadening your skills and expanding your knowledge in more than one specific area of study, you’re building the potential for variety into your future. Your degrees can work together to help you enter a career that uses facets of both, or you have the option of later transitioning into a field that highlights one area of study or the other.

Regardless of the dual degree pairing you choose, becoming an expert in two fields greatly increases the number of career options available to you upon completion. It also proves that you’re versatile and can take on a variety of challenges, making you a huge asset to any organization.

Multiple career options are great for your future, but saving money and time affects you right now. Because Creighton’s dual degree programs contain courses that contribute toward both degrees, you’ll invest less time and money than if you pursue each degree program individually.