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CPHHE Partners

CPHHE Partnership

The Center for Promoting Health and Health Equity is comprised of both Omaha community organizational leadership and Creighton University academic personnel. This partnership fosters true community-academia partnering where there is shared knowledge, resources and power from both lenses where there has historically been a gap when addressing pertinent health determinants in our community.

This partnership breeds collaboration through grant applications, intervention programming, training initiatives and information gathering and sharing in the efforts to eliminate health disparities in Omaha and Nebraska

Community PartnersAcademic PartnersEmeritus Partners

Dr. Richard Brown
(Partnership Chair) Lee Brown and Associates

Mr. Joel Dougherty
One World Community Health Deputy Chief Scott Gray Omaha Police Department

Mr. Jamin Johnson
Douglas County Health Dept.

Mrs. Doris Lassiter
NE Center for Healthy Families

Dr. Donna Polk
Urban Indian Health Coalition

Mr. Luis Vazquez
Member At-Large

Mr. Sal Issaka
Omaha Housing Authority

Mrs. Angeline Larson
Children’s Hospital and Medical Center

Mr. Wayne Brown
Urban League of Nebraska

Mr. Kenny McMorris
Charles Drew Health Center

Dr. S. Pirzada Sattar
Inroads to Recovery

Dr. Martha Nunn
Member At-Large

Ms. Jeanne Burke
Health Science Library

Dr. Rebecca Davis
School of Nursing

Dr. Roselyn Cerutis
School of Dentistry

Mr. Chris Rodgers
Marketing & Communications

Dr. Kelly Dineen
School of Law

Dr. Alexander Roedlach
College of Arts & Science

Dr. Ivelisse Santiago-Stommes
College of Arts & Sciences

Mr. Jeffrey Lang  
School of Medicine

Dr. Eric Meyer
College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Andrew Hogan
College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Kate Nolt  
Clinical Research and Public Health Department, School of Medicine

Dr. Tim Dickel
School of Arts & Sciences

Center for Promoting Health and Health Equity
Creighton University
2500 California Plaza
Hixson-Lied Science Bldg., Rm. G13
Omaha, NE 68178