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Summer Research F.A.Q.

What will I be doing as a part of the SRI program?

  • As a part of the Summer Research Institute, we assist underrepresented students in health sciences gain experience through granting them research opportunities. Our Undergraduate Biomedical Research Program pair students with Creighton faculty members serving as mentors for 8 weeks where they will participate in biomedical bench-side research in the laboratory of their mentor. The High School Public Health Camp serves students who will be introduced to the scientific discipline of public health and the vast amount of careers that make up this discipline through learning modules and field trips to local Omaha public and community health related organization where they will conduct field learning exercises and experiments with those organizations for 4 weeks.

When does the SRI program start?

  • Our programs begin June 7, 2021.  Orientation will be held then where you will find out who your mentors are and what type or research you will be conducting. Pairings for the Undergraduate Biomedical Program are generally based on your scientific interest and backgrounds that you identify in the application and interview.

How long is the program?

  • The Undergraduate Biomedical Research Program students will have an 8-week program. The High School Public Health Camp students will be for 4 weeks. However, all students will start the program on June 7, 2021 (except for Project SEED).

Do I receive pay for this program?

  • Yes, all students receive a stipend for their participation. Undergraduate students will receive your stipend in 2 installments, after completing week 4 of the program and at the end of the colloquium. The high school students will receive their stipend at the end or their 4-week program.  Undergraduates receive a total of $2,000, the High School Public Health Camp receive $400, and the Project SEED Virtual Camp receive $1,000.  *Note: Project SEED is a separate program funded by the American Chemical Society.  All payments in the Project SEED program come directly from them.

Does this program include travel?

  • Unfortunately, we do not have funding to accommodate any traveling to or from the program. If accepted, the student will be responsible for travel.

Does the program include stay and a meal plan?

  • Unfortunately, we do not supply housing from our program or supply you with a meal plan.  The student will be responsible for their own lodging and meals during the duration of the program. It is required that you have lodging throughout the duration of the program located in Omaha or its immediate surrounding areas. If you need assistance with finding contacts for housing, please contact CPHHE at 402-280-2389 or

How do I apply for the program?

  • Under “Undergraduate Biomedical Research” and the “High School Public Health Camp” sections, there is an “Apply Now” link.  Just press and complete the online application. For applying to the ACS Project SEED Virtual Camp, visit to apply directly to their program.

What are the requirements for the application?

  • Here is a list of the requirements that are all due by the application closing date listed for each program. There will be no exceptions made if the complete application package in not turned in by the closing date.
    • Complete the online application for the correct program
    • List of 2 - 3 references (Name, Relationship to the applicant, and Contact Email). This needs to be filled out in the application. CPHHE will contact those references you have listed to receive your recommendations forms/letters. Please notify them that you are listing them as a reference.
    • A copy of your latest transcripts with your current classes (official or unofficial)
    • All transcripts should be sent by email to and subject title should read, “SRI Selection Committee Forms” or by mail at: