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About The Office Of Health Sciences Multicultural And Community Affairs

Health Sciences Multicultural and Community Affairs (HS-MACA) pioneers and synthesizes community, education and research efforts in the development of future healthcare professionals who are culturally aware and work toward the elimination of health disparities.

We have received recognition for our efforts, in the form of significant grants and university honors, such as the 2016 Rev. John P. Schlegel Diversity Award.


The mission of Health Sciences Multicultural and Community Affairs is to promote Creighton University as a recognized leader in the training and development of a multicultural health care workforce that serves to reduce health disparities in underserved and diverse communities through research, culturally proficient education, community interaction and engagements through Ignatian values.


Health Sciences Multicultural and Community Affairs will be recognized and respected as an innovative department that pioneers and synthesizes community, education, research and the development of future healthcare professionals who are culturally aware and work toward the elimination of health disparities.


  • To recruit underrepresented or disadvantaged students and faculty in the Health Sciences schools who will promote health and health equality to a diverse population
  • To provide and promote retention activities for culturally competent underrepresented students and faculty
  • To promote, expand and cultivate cultural awareness to campus and community
  • To address health disparities through teaching, research and community advocacy.
  • To seek funding opportunities for innovative, integrative and coordinated approaches for the continued and expanded training of diverse health care professionals

Since the year 2000, HS-MACA has embraced diversity on campus, in the community and globally. HS-MACA serves as the foundation for a variety of “pipeline” programs. These programs serve students from grade school to college to professional school by providing educational opportunities and exposure that allows diverse students to be competitive applicants for health science schools. In addition, our programs provide information to young individuals so that they will consider health professions as a career of choice in the future.

We invite you to examine Creighton University’s core values, which include the inalienable worth of each person and our appreciation of ethnic and cultural diversity coupled with service to others. Recruitment of a diverse student body is a priority for us.