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Economic Inquiry Student Research

Student Research Highlights

Articles Published in Academic Outlets

Maddox Larson. (2023). "Epistemic Vulnerability and Tolerance in Society" (under the advice of Dr. Michael D. Thomas) The Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Review: An International Undergraduate Journal. Forthcoming

Dr. Michael Thomas and Nathan Miller. (2022). "Experimental Public Policy, Discovery, and Behavioral Taxation." The Journal of Private Enterprise, 36(4): 1-20.

Annette Davis and Dr. Christina McRorie. (2021). "Liberation Theology and Development Economics." Faith and Economics, 78.

Abigail Boudeau and Dr. Michael Thomas (2021) "Does the Dismal Science Need to be Redeemed?" Cosmos and Taxis, 9(1+2): 59-69.

Scott Haveman and Dr. Colin O'Reilly (2021) "Tax policy and charitable giving: an evaluation of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act 2017 and its impact on charitable contributions." Journal of Public Finance and Public Choice, forthcoming.

Dr. Ernest Goss and Peyton Miller. (2021). "Sports Betting's Impact on Casino Gambling: Cannibalization or Expansion?" University of Illinois Law Review, 2021(5):1731-1744.

Molly S. Myers and Dr. Kathleen Sheehan. (2020). "The Impact of Certificate of Need Laws on Emergency Department Wait Times." Journal of Private Enterprise, 35 (1): 59-75.

Dr. James Bailey, Dr. Diana W. Thomas, and Joseph R. Anderson. (2019). "Regressive Effects of Regulation on Wages." Public Choice 180(1/2): 91-103.

Recent IEI White Papers

Christophe Schema, "Labor Mobility in the Future East African Monetary Union" - White paper No. 22001

Nathan Miller, "My Inelastic Demand for Elasticity Considerations: Why Substitutes Matter for Behavioral Modification" - White paper No. 20002

Noah Schalley, "FDA Efficacy Trials: Where is the Market Failure" - White paper No.20001

Perry Worden, "Economic Development on Indigenous Lands" - White paper No. 21001

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