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Accelerated JD Programs FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

The Accelerated JD Program (AJD) is available to any student who has been accepted to the law school for the full-time JD program. If an accepted student is interested in participating in the program, the  student should notify the Admissions Office as soon as possible, but at least one week prior to the start of the summer term. Current students who join will typically graduate in August or December of what would have been their traditional third year. Due to scheduling of required courses and limited course offerings in the summer, the School of Law cannot guarantee a student who joins the AJD program after their first year would be able to graduate in the August following their second traditional year. Students who join the AJD program after the completion of their first year may be unable to enroll in certain capstone courses, which are typically offered in the spring semester of the traditional third year.

Will I have the opportunity to have the same professors and courses as my classmates on the traditional, 3-year JD track?

Yes. You will have the same professors and the same courses as your classmates not in the AJD Program. During your first summer, your courses will be taught by the same instructors who teach those courses during the regular semesters. The summer courses will use the same texts and cover the same material as those courses do during the fall and spring semesters. During your first summer, all your classmates will be in the AJD program. After your first summer, you will attend the same courses as your classmates who are not in the AJD program.

Will participation in the AJD program hurt my chances to get a good legal job during school or when I graduate?

No. Students in the accelerated program will receive the same education as students on the traditional JD track. Students in the AJD program are encouraged to take the externship class and/or work in the law school’s legal clinics as part of their JD program to ensure they receive the practical experience valuable to graduates. Students may participate in the externship class as early as their second summer and in clinics in their second year. Additionally, although students are discouraged from working during their 1L year to permit them to fully focus on their legal studies, after the 1L year, students may work part-time during the school year.

Students in the accelerated program will have the opportunity to apply for summer clerkships along with their fellow 1L classmates in early spring semester. If a student in the AJD program locates a full-time employment opportunity for the summer, the student may choose to take the summer off to work. However, that student would need to extend his or her legal studies and add an additional semester of study.

May I leave the accelerated track and extend my program of legal studies?

Yes. You may switch off the accelerated track at any time and extend your legal studies into additional terms or semesters.

Can I pursue a joint degree while doing the Accelerated Program?

No. You cannot complete a joint degree program in 2 years. If you start the AJD program and decide to participate in a joint degree program, you could step off the accelerated program and extend your studies to pursue a joint degree.

How will I be ranked academically in my class?

Please see our policies and procedures for more information.

How will the Accelerated JD Program affect my scholarship?

Your annual scholarship award will be adjusted to cover summer school. It will be increased by 50% to cover 3 semesters instead of 2 semesters (summer, fall and spring). If you have a renewable scholarship, you may renew your scholarship for your second summer of law school based upon your class standing from summer and fall. Your scholarship for your final 2 semesters will be renewable based upon your class rank for summer, fall and spring.

How will my financial aid be disbursed?

To be eligible for federal student loans for the  Accelerated JD program, students must complete the  Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once students have committed to the AJD program and have their FAFSA submitted to Creighton, the Financial Aid Office will assemble an award package for the summer term. Federal student aid will be disbursed 3 business days before classes begin. Students should register for direct deposit through their NEST account to receive their federal aid refund. Visit the Creighton University Financial Aid Office for further assistance with federal student loan questions. 

The AJD program is intense, but the fact that I'll get into the legal profession earlier makes it worth the extra effort.
— John H. Olson, JD'15