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Spring 2020 Policies

Updated Spring 2020 Online Creighton University School of Law Policies and Frequently Asked Questions

Pass/No Pass Grading Option (Spring 2020 Only)

Individual students are allowed to choose, before the end of the semester, whether to be graded with the ordinary grades administered under the academic rules or to be graded on a pass/no pass basis.  This pass/no pass option can be exercised on a course-by-course basis.  

Faculty Course Repeat Policy (Spring 2020 Only)

Further, a student who receives a C-, D, or NP shall be allowed, on a one-time only basis for each course taken, to retake the course and remove the prior failing or low grade from the  student’s grade point average; the first instance of the course recorded on the student’s transcript shall reflect the original grade (C-, D, or no pass).

Updated Grading Scale for Those Choosing Graded Option Spring 2020 Only

A+       4.0       

A         4.0       

A-        3.67     

B+       3.33     

B         3.0       

B-        2.67     

C+       2.33     

C         2.0       

C-        1.67     

D         1.0       

NP       null      (no credits awarded, does not impact GPA)

Updated Grading Scale for Those Choosing Pass/No Pass Option Spring 2020 Only

Pass (Grades that would have been A+ through D)

No Pass (Grades that would have been an F under the usual grading policy)

Additional Items of Note

  • The deadline for choosing the pass/no pass option for the April 7 PR exam is April 6, 2020. The deadline for all other classes is April 20, 2020. 
  • A no pass (“NP”) grade does not grant credit, but it does not impact your grade point average (GPA)
  • Pass grades earn credits but do not affect the GPA
  • Class ranks will be frozen, but GPA will be adjusted by courses taken with the grading option
  • Class ranks will be run next after Fall 2020 and will include all graded courses
  • Faculty will not know who has opted for pass/no pass. Exams will be graded as usual, and the conversion occurs at the administrative level (thus no effect on any course curve)
  • A D or higher grade is deemed passing

Probation/Dismissal Policy for Spring 2020

The dismissal policy will be suspended for Spring 2020, which means that students will not be automatically dismissed following Spring Semester 2020.  Any student who meets the criteria for probation or dismissal at the end of the spring term will be counseled by the Associate for Dean for Academic Affairs regarding their academic risk and their options for moving forward. Students on probation will have their deadline to raise their grade point average extended to include Fall 2020 grades.   

Exam Concerns 

Faculty are working to create some exam flexibility to account for current circumstances. In addition, and as is always the case, students who may need to reschedule exams beyond the scheduled period for a test, or beyond the exam period itself, due to exigent circumstances (e.g., illness, unavoidable conflict) that develop will be afforded the opportunity to request modification.