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Magis Resources

Teachers, Principals, and Superintendents

Magis is interested in partnership with a variety of schools. If you are interested in the possibility of having a Magis teacher at your school, the deadline for placement requests is mid February. There is a formal process for this request, so please contact the Magis Director as early as possible.

Current principal evaluations are due in mid November for fall semester and mid April for spring semester.


All information for mentor teachers can be located in the current handbook for principals and mentor teachers. If you need additional copies of this please email

Alumni & Friends

Help us stay connected with you by updating your information! If you have recently moved or changed jobs, please email us at

Parents & Families

Upon acceptance, Magis teachers make a commitment for two years to live in community and pursue professional and spiritual development while serving as full-time teachers in selected Catholic schools. View our Communities page to see where we serve.