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Education & Simulation

Clinical Education and Simulation Center

Mission Statement

The mission of the Clinical Education & Simulation Center shall be to assist health sciences faculty in the development, implementation and evaluation of educational sessions for Creighton University health sciences learners at various levels of training.

We exist to enhance the learning process and increase learner satisfaction with their educational experience. We promote faculty development and are committed to the advancement of excellence in education at Creighton University so that graduates are able to provide comprehensive and safe patient care.


The goal of the Clinical Education & Simulation Center is to provide a clinical setting for teaching, assessing and testing clinical skills of medical students and residents through mock patient-doctor encounters.


  1. Maintain and train a cadre of Standardized Patients appropriate for educational, assessment and testing activities for the medical students and residents;
  2. Teach and assess clinical skills for medical students by providing opportunities for practicing medical interviews, conducting practice physical exams, providing practice/teaching sessions for the more sensitive physical exams such as breast and pelvic exams, male GU exam, and prenatal ultrasounds;
  3. Assess students’ clinical skills by working with medical faculty to plan, develop, implement and evaluate Objective Structured Clinical Exams for students in the specialty rotations;
  4. Assess students’ pre-graduation clinical skills by working with medical faculty to plan, develop, implement and evaluate the Objective Structured Clinical Exam as a minimal competency exam for students at the end of their junior year;
  5. Identify medical students who are not at the expected level of performance;
  6. Assist in referral and remediation of students not at the expected level of performance;
  7. Maintain a library of models to be used for students’ clinical training.

The goals and objectives for all of our activities are designed to provide learners with opportunities to demonstrate clinical competence in a safe and constructive environment. Learners are given opportunities to demonstrate proficiency in a variety of skills, while showing compassion and sensitivity to patient needs and concerns. Learners are taught to work as a team and are encouraged to reflect upon their experiences. Educational sessions are designed to promote an awareness of, and responsiveness to, the larger context and system of healthcare and the ability to call upon system resources to provide quality patient care. It is our goal to foster professional behavior that acknowledges the mission and vision of Creighton University.

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