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GME Research Workshop

Conducting Research and Evidence-Based Medicine

Message from the Director

Kalyana C. Nandipati, MBBS

On behalf of Creighton GME, I would like to invite you all to our annual research workshop. This is developed to assist house staff and faculty in participating in and enhancing scholarly activity. This includes development of a research training curriculum designed to advance house staff knowledge of the basic principles of research, including how research is conducted, evaluated, explained to patients, and applied to patient care.

Kalyana C. Nandipati, MB,BS
Associate Professor
Assistant Director, Assistant Program Director of Surgery
School of Medicine

Course Description

This workshop will provide the information necessary to initiate and complete a quality research project. The workshop covers question/hypothesis development, prep-for-research activities, a survey biostatistical methods (with a specific focus on creating effective consumers of the published literature), as well as systematic review, meta-analysis, and manuscript development. Practice sessions are worked into each topic area.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how to develop operationally defined research questions and testable hypotheses
  2. Familiarize yourself with research support contacts throughout the School of Medicine
  3. Understand how to initiate a prospective or retrospective research project
  4. Learn what data is available and the typical outcomes of interest
  5. Recognize the inherent link between study design and statistical analysis
  6. Assess statistical methods for appropriateness based on the nature of the data
  7. Relate statistical analyses back to the specific aim or research question being tested
  8. Understand the appropriate types of analyses given the variables under consideration
  9. Learn to identify a quality systematic review and understand the basics of meta-analysis
  10. Understand the components of a manuscript, requirements for authorship, and the timeline of the peer-review process

Recommended Textbooks (not required)

  • Altman, D. G., Machin, D., Bryant, T. N., & Gardner, M. J. (Eds). (2000). Statistics with confidence: Confidence intervals and statistical guidelines (2nd ed.). BMJ Books.
  • Kirkwood, B. R., & Sterne, J. A. C. (2003). Essential medical statistics (2nd ed.). Malden, MA: Blackwell Science Inc.
  • Motulsky, H. (2016). Essential biostatistics: A nonmathematical approach. New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN-13: 978-0199365067.

Meeting Timing, Location and Registration

February 24, 20237:00am-12:00pmCUMC Bergan 11661 B&C
March 3, 20237:00am-12:00pmCUMC Bergan 11661 B&C

Lecture Schedule






Introduction, Preliminaries, Contacts, Project Initiation


Research Questions and Testable Hypotheses

MeSH Terms


Obtaining CHI Data, National-level Databases

Available Databases


Validity and Study Design


Introduction to Statistics



Inferential Statistics


Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis


Manuscript Development and Authorship


Recap, Question and Answer

Course Director

Ryan Walters, PhD

Ryan W. Walters, PhD

Assistant Professor
Department of Clinical Research and Public Health
CHI Health CUMC-Bergan Mercy
CU Education Building, Suite 502, Room 51266