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Message from the Psychiatry Director

Welcome to Our Residency Program

A Message from Devna Rastogi, MD, Program Director

Devna Rastogi

The Creighton School of Medicine Phoenix Psychiatry Residency Program combines Valleywise Health Center’s historical commitment to our community with the academic rigor of Creighton School of Medicine. Residents and faculty work closely together as part of a treatment team model that includes nursing, social workers, case managers, psychologists and recreational therapists. Through clinical experience in diverse settings, supervision from dedicated faculty, and strong didactics, our residents are able to get the type of education that will prepare them for their careers. In fact, a good part of their fourth year can be customized to specific areas of interest.

Our residency program is known for its balance in providing solid training in both the biological and psychotherapeutic aspects of practicing Psychiatry.  During their residency training, our residents treat the spectrum of acute inpatients so ill that they require involuntary treatment to the outpatients who are seeking medication management and/or psychotherapy. Our residents have the opportunity to assess whether court-ordered treatment is needed and provide written and sometimes verbal testimony. The outpatient experience is tailored to also be a broad experience of treating higher functioning patients as well as those who are underserved. 

Through their experiences in patient diversity, volume and acuity, our residents are well-prepared to pursue the career of their choice. We hope you find this website comprehensive and informative. We look forward to meeting you as we continue to seek out the psychiatrists who will care for patients with the skills they learned from this program and help advance the field of psychiatry through dedication and knowledge.

Devna Rastogi, MD
Program Director

Dr. Rastogi completed her psychiatry residency training at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, MO.