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The radiology residency program in Phoenix is incredibly proud of their program and culture. Our residents are treated with respect in a supportive and collegial learning environment. The faculty and staff are eager to teach and give appropriate amounts of autonomy to foster growth.

While the readout and teaching style of each attending varies, they want you to succeed and are willing to provide mentorship. Mistakes are treated as learning opportunities and are without judgment.

Building Comradery

Outside the reading room, residents form friendships and share in many outside-of-work experiences, even some in coordination with attendings. Overall, the radiology program is a community of warm and welcoming individuals.

Program Benefits


At Valleywise you will receive $15 dollars per day to spend on lunch, coffee, and snacks. This does not roll over from day to day. At St. Joseph’s you have a lump sum per year to spend however you like. The radiology department also always keeps a well-stocked snack room.

We also make it a point to have one to two Wellness Lunches per month, where residents will use department funds to enjoy delivery or a dine-in meal.


  • 20 days of paid time off – flexible provided adequate service coverage
  • 10 sick / wellness days
  • Holidays off depending on the facility
Gang at lunch


Both facilities have staff parking structures/lots, which are of no additional charge. The St. Joseph’s parking is covered while the Valleywise parking lot is uncovered.

Senior Call

Internal paid call shifts become available once you are a second year. Essentially, you will assist one of the weekend call residents and be compensated for doing so. Shifts are typically 8-10 hours. Please inquire with the residents during your interview regarding additional compensated opportunities.

2023-2024 Phoenix Pay Scale 

  • PGY1 – 61,527
  • PGY2 – 64,449
  • PGY3 – 67,508
  • PGY4 – 70,621
  • PGY5 – 74,114
  • PGY6 – 78,337
  • PGY7 – 82,222

Other items: Academic stipend each year for books, AIRP, CORE, and more.

In the reading room

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do residents live?

Residents live all over the valley depending on what they’re looking for. If you’re looking for an apartment, the Downtown, Uptown and Biltmore areas all have great options within walking distance to restaurants, shops, and more. These areas are also less than a 15-minute drive to each hospital. If you’re looking to rent/buy a house, current residents do so in Uptown, North Phoenix, Chandler, Ahwatukee and more.

What’s the vibe in the reading room?

Fun, interactive and educational all in one. Residents and attendings sit together in the reading rooms. Readout styles vary by specialty and attending. There is always a senior or attending around to answer any questions. There are frequent snack/coffee/wellness breaks.

How does PTO work?

20 PTO days and 10 sick/wellness days with flexible scheduling. Residents can swap call shifts when needed. Overall, we are a super supportive group of residents that know you have a life outside the hospital. We work together to get each other to their life events.

How does the call schedule work?

We have a front-loaded call system. This means you will start taking weekend day shifts halfway through first year; most night shifts are completed second year. Third- and fourth-year call shifts taper off.

We have a swing shift called “short call” (Noon-Midnight) with a post call day following it, these shifts start in the second half of first year.