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Academic Success

Committed to Your Success in the Classroom and Beyond.

At Creighton University School of Medicine, our mission is to provide the best education possible for the next generation of healthcare providers.  

The professionals within the Office of Academic Success provide resources and personal consultations to enable medical students to achieve academic, personal and professional success.

Creighton has been a place to help me get closer to who I want to be as a physician and - more importantly - as a person. I would recommend it to anyone who would like a top-notch education in health care and humanism.

— Thomas Kang

Our consultants are available to meet with students individually to create customized study plans and explore potential resources at every stage of medical education. In addition to academic strategies, we help student with issues which may impact academic performance, such as test anxiety and disrupted sleep patterns using lite book therapy.

Meet one on one with an academic success consultant to develop a customized strategy for increased success in the following areas: 

  • Academic support 
  • Study skills 
  • Test taking strategies 
  • Test anxiety 
  • Stress management 
  • Myers-Briggs interpretation 
  • Productivity and Environmental Preference Survey interpretation 
  • Step 1 and Step 2 board preparation 
  • Career exploration 
  • Biofeedback therapy 
  • LiteBook therapy 
  • Referrals to Student Counseling Services
  • Resource strategies

Supplemental Instruction

Additional instruction is a student assistance program that increases academic performance through collaborative learning strategies in anatomy and neuroscience. Advanced students will facilitate sessions with students to enhance course lectures by offering new approaches, clarification and review.


Trained tutors are available free of charge upon request to provide assistance with specific classes.

Bugs and Drugs Review

Questions are sent out via email to help students learn the diseases and drugs in the Infectious Disease curriculum for Step 1.

Exam Preparation Resources

Review sessions and practice exam questions are provided by upper-classmen to help with exam preparation.

Study Buddies

Study Buddies is a matching system for M1s and M2s that connects students to study partners.

Group presentations are offered throughout your undergraduate medical education in the following:


Provides an assessment and interpretation of the Myers-Briggs Temperament Indicator (MBTI) to explore impact on learning, relationships and career choices.


Offers an assessment and interpretation of the Productivity and Environmental Preference Survey (PEPS) to identify individual study and learning preferences.

Academic Strategies

M1 Strategies: A session for the M1s include tips and strategies for transitioning to medical school are provided along with resources to become academically successful.   

M2s: An optional session for M2s provide tips and strategies for studying the systems. In the spring, a session for all M2s provides strategies for Step 1 by the academic consultants in addition to a panel of M3s who have successfully navigated this first step of the board examinations. 

M3s: Approaches for preparing for clerkships are provided online, in addition to presentations during M3 meetings on how to successfully prepare for clerkships.

Lending Library

An extensive library of academic support books and board preparation materials available for review and checkout.

Audio and eBooks

Online books and eBooks available for download to help with stress management, sleep issues and relationship and emotional management.


Personal biofeedback devices are available for checkout to enable you to build coherence through an emotional shift that alters the Heart Rhythm Variability, increasing productivity and well-being.


A handheld light therapy device is available for checkout to help users modify sleep patterns by exposing them to a daylight spectrum, increasing alertness and productivity.

You’ll participate in a progressive approach to your career development that spans the four years of undergraduate medical education, which includes both group presentations and individual consultations. Each class will be introduced to the resources available on the Careers in Medicine website sponsored by the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC). As you become familiar with the developmental stages of career selection, you’re encouraged to:

  • Learn about making a good specialty choice through informative articles and useful tools.
  • Complete online self-assessments to identify values, interests, skills, personality and practice needs.
  • Maintain assessments to create personal portfolios.
  • Review extensive career information for more than 100 specialties.
  • Access decision-making tools designed to aid in specialty selection and application to residency programs.
  • View suggested timelines, sample CVs and residency interview questions for application to residency programs.

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Academic Success Consultant

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Academic Success Consultant


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