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Mission and Ministry

Ignite Faith. Seek Justice. Live Prophetic Lives.

The Division of Mission and Ministry provides opportunities to integrate faith, education, service and justice through Creighton's Jesuit, Catholic tradition. We are dedicated to serving each student, faculty member and staff person, respecting their individual cultures and faith traditions, as they seek to walk their life path.

Mission and Ministry leaders:

  • Prophetically animate the Jesuit, Catholic mission of Creighton University both institutionally and individually in the intellectual and faith life of the community.
  • Cultivate a dynamic and inclusive community of faith and learning that invites everyone to an ever deepening relationship with God.
  • Invite Creighton and the wider community into a lived experience of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the Ignatian tradition. 
  • Form leaders to live out a "faith that does justice" and build right relationships among individuals, communities, institutions and with the earth.

The Ignatian Year

The Society of Jesus invites us as partners at a Jesuit University to participate in the “Ignatian Year,” now through July 31, 2022. We are celebrating the 500th anniversary of Ignatian Spirituality as brought forth from a devastating injury St. Ignatius of Loyola suffered and the call he experienced from God during his recovery. We will commemorate this year in several ways as a campus. We are each invited to consider how God is calling us forth from our own “cannonball moments.”

Recently Omaha Ignatian ministries gathered to reflect on this call from a collaborative approach. A special kick off video was made to invite us to this reflection. "Go Forth" Omaha: A Conversation with Rev. Arturo Sosa S.J. and Rev. Nicky Santos S.J.

You may also be interested in these websites for the Ignatian Year, and the opportunity of the Ignatian Year.

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