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Jesuit Community

With a primary focus on giving you the best Jesuit education, we infuse Jesuit principles into both the curriculum and the student experience at Creighton. Finding God in all things is just one of the values on which St. Ignatius founded the Jesuit religious order more than 470 years ago. On campus, you’ll see members of the Jesuit community as your instructors, pastors, chaplains and university administration and staff.

Andy Alexander

Andy Alexander, SJ

  • Lecturer and Director of the Collaborative Ministry offices and Online Ministries
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Kent Beausoleil

Kent Beausoleil, SJ

Gregory Carlson

Gregory Carlson, SJ

Arturo Carrillo

Arturo Carrillo, SJ

James Clifton

James F. Clifton, SJ

Donald Doll

Donald Doll, SJ

Patrick Douglas

Patrick Douglas, SJ

Thomas Doyle

Thomas Doyle, SJ

Robert Dufford

Robert Dufford, SJ

Kevin FitzGerald

Kevin T. FitzGerald, SJ, PhD, PhD

Lawrence Gillick

Lawrence Gillick, SJ

Dennis Hamm

Dennis Hamm, SJ

Daniel Hendrickson

Daniel Hendrickson, SJ

Erin Kast

Erin Kast, SJ

Ashok Kujur

Ashok Kujur, SJ

Jake Martin

Jake Martin, SJ

David Matzko

David Matzko, SJ

Thomas Merkel

Thomas Merkel, SJ

Kevin Schneider

Kevin Schneider, SJ

Lorn Snow

Lorn Snow, SJ

Matt Spotts

Matt Spotts, SJ

Bob Tillman

Bob Tillman, SJ

Tho Vu

Tho Vu, SJ

Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh, SJ