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Physical Therapy Student Research

Research Opportunities in Physical Therapy.

Students and Residents can find opportunities to participate in faculty-driven research projects focusing on multiple areas of physical therapy and rehabilitation.



Motivated students have opportunities to participate in faculty-driven research projects that span multiple areas of physical therapy and rehabilitation including mechanisms of injury, prevention and treatment of disability, health systems utilization, facilitation of clinical skill development and the optimization of curricula for DPT students and residents.

The Student Research program provides opportunities to participate with faculty in one or more of the following research agendas:

  • Back pain during pregnancy
  • Becoming a master clinician
  • Cancer Survivorship
  • Chest wall strength, mobility and pulmonary function
  • Clinical Reasoning: teaching and assessment
  • Fatigue in people with Parkinson’s disease
  • Global perspectives of Physical Therapy care
  • Hip pain and acetabular impingement
  • Horse and rider interaction and injury
  • Impact of insurance reimbursement on Physical Therapy care
  • Knee dysfunction and strength loss in people with joint injuries or osteoarthritis
  • Pain assessment
  • Patient-reported outcome measures related to Cancer
  • PT Residency education
Being a research trainee has also opened other professional opportunities for me and I have a greater appreciation for the research articles I read. I see incredible purpose and meaning in the work that this lab does and it has been very rewarding.
— Elizabeth Ruminski, Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2015
I have become more comfortable talking with people about physical therapy, about Parkinson’s disease and the research we are doing.
— Bethany Bentele, Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2015
My experience in the lab has prepared me well and I certainly improved my clinical intake skills.
— Sam Morton, Doctor of Physical Therapy, 2016

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