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With a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in art history at Creighton University, you will make your mark in the art world. Majoring in Art History prepares you for the future while you explore the past wonders of the world. Art Historians reconstruct the past through the contextual study of visual and material cultural objects, focusing on media such as painting, sculpture, architecture, the graphic arts, but also crafts and minor arts. From antiquity through the Renaissance to the present day, the Art History program at Creighton boasts a diverse range of classes covering diverse historical periods, cultures, and media that introduce students to the methods and approaches of the discipline. Grounded in social and cultural history, students will explore works as diverse as the paintings of Michelangelo to ancient Egyptian tombs.

Art History Minor

A minor in art history will give you a basic understanding of the history of visual culture and complements many majors in the liberal arts or sciences.

What You'll Learn

  • How to analyze the historical, cultural, and intellectual context of material and visual culture
  • How to development critical and creative thinking, public speaking, research and writing skills in addition to a variety of communication and organizational skills
  • Experiential learning opportunities through study abroad, museum and gallery internships, and archaeological excavations


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