Women's and Gender Studies (Minor)

Creighton’s women’s and gender studies (WGS) minor combines two interdisciplinary fields to introduce you to the rapidly expanding areas of scholarship focused upon women, men and their diverse experiences. Reflective of its foundations in women’s studies, the minor highlights the often-overlooked experiences and contributions of women, both historically and in contemporary societies around the globe. As gender studies, the program explores social constructions and diverse experiences of gender and sexual orientation.

When you minor in women’s and gender studies, you’ll discover new, more inclusive ways of thinking and relating in contemporary society. Our program slogan, “a minor that makes a major difference,” has two meanings. First, the WGS program aims to make a major difference in your personal, professional and intellectual life. Second, WGS intends to make a difference in your major field of study by providing concepts, perspectives and insights that become new “lenses” through which to conduct research.

WGS students are critical thinkers who raise questions, perceive connections and want to see what others do not see. They have multiple interests that are often uniquely met in their WGS coursework.

If you like to think critically and creatively about human relationships and social practices, are concerned about justice issues and enjoy analyzing media images for subtle messages, than consider getting a minor in women’s and gender studies from Creighton University.


Creighton graduates who have pursued the WGS minor are now working in journalism and public relations, education, social services, counseling, nonprofit organizations, healthcare professions, business and student services administration. Others have proceeded to law or medical school or pursued master’s or doctoral degrees in social work, English, gender studies, sociology, psychology, criminal justice, American studies and physical therapy. The interdisciplinary training that the WGS minor affords enhances the kind of critical and integrative thinking valued by today’s employers.

What You'll Learn

  • To think critically and creatively about human relationships
  • The experiences and contributions of women throughout history
  • The social constructions of gender and sexual orientation


Student Organizations

  • Eileen B. Lieben Center for Women

    The Lieben Center for Women is student-centered and seeks to engage in dialogue about women and gender within Creighton and the larger community by listening to and supporting students, educating through looking at the world with a critical lens and advocating for understanding and action. The Lieben Center aspires to serve all students by providing a voice for women and gender equity at Creighton.


The Eileen B. Lieben Center for Women on campus offers internship opportunities for students.

Research Opportunities

Currently, 27 faculty members from 13 departments in the College of Arts and Sciences offer courses that count for the WGS minor. A significant number of them are conducting research and publishing on women, gender and/or sexuality. WGS courses afford unique opportunities for faculty-student collaborative research and for the development of valuable mentoring relationships. Students are able to present their research to the campus community at the annual WGS Student Learning Showcase as well as to a broader public at conferences.

Tuition & Scholarships

As students graduate from Creighton, the WGS program recognizes them for “making a difference” - in the classroom, in research, and in service. Reflective of its commitment to the “incarnational” work of academics appropriate to a Jesuit institution, i.e., “walking the talk/thought” of the classroom into advocacy on behalf of justice, WGS bestows the SAGE Award (Student Advocate for Gender Equity) and the Kali Rose Mann Memorial “Iron-Jawed Angels” Award for Leadership in Service of Gender Justice.

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