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Adam Wilson

Class of 2022

As a recent alumnus, Adam Wilson, BS’22 says his research experience as an undergraduate has helped him pursue his dream of medical school. Learning from and working with faculty mentors, Bluejays are taking flight to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Q. What are you doing here today? 

A. We are looking for pond weed. We need ones with flowers because we are conducting reproductive ecology research into plants that pollinate through the movement of water, as opposed to these trees around us, which primarily pollinate through the wind.   

Q. How has your Creighton experience been? 

A. Wonderful. I’ve enjoyed being a part of everything on campus, from research to the different majors I've participated in, to leadership opportunities. And then also opportunities to help other students, whether through mentoring or just through residential life experiences.   

Q. Is it easy to get involved in undergraduate research at Creighton? 

A. Absolutely. I reached out to Dr. (Mackenzie) Taylor and got into the lab setting the second semester of my freshman year.   

Q. How has your research experience been? 

A. Phenomenal. I participated in a summer undergraduate research fellowship that provided me some one-on-one mentorship with Dr. Taylor where I really developed my research skills. I've presented at many different conferences. It's made me a confident researcher.   

Q. Is this research experience preparing you for your future well? 

A. My undergraduate research experience at Creighton has prepared me for a future in medicine. The research methods and critical thinking skills I've developed here, both in the field and in the lab setting, have prepared me to understand that just as a plant is unique to its environment, so are people, and that understanding will empower me to help people in the future.   

Q. Should students interested in research come to Creighton? 

A. Definitely. There is a legacy of good research at Creighton. The structures are here to help students succeed. You don't work alone. You work one-on-one with a research-mentor and with upperclassmen. We all like to see each others succeed.