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Amelia Harahap

Class of 2023

“Creighton taught me that research comes in all forms, and as a humanities student, I am able to conduct meaningful research.” - Amelia Harahap

What started as a classroom writing assignment turned into hours of research and a novel with a modern spin on the traditional “romcom.” Amelia Harahap, a 2023 Creighton graduate, conducted research in the humanities and used that information to develop a novel that reflected her own experience. From coffee shops visits, to library sessions, to nice days on the mall, Amelia took her writing and creative development to various locations. She says, "Creighton taught me that research knows no boundaries and that even as a humanities student, I can actively engage in meaningful research."

A Modern Spin on Romcoms Via Humanities Research

Amelia Harahap studying
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