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Ben Engle

Class of 2022

Ben Engle, BS’22, was happy to take part in a research project as an undergraduate. Now a recent alumnus, Engel has enrolled in the Creighton School of Dentistry, encouraged by the research experience he received as an undergraduate. Working alongside expert faculty-mentors, Bluejays are asking big questions and seeking answers. 

Q. Where are you from? 

A. Sioux City, Iowa.

Q. What are you doing here today? 

A. We’re investigating a whole world of biology. It’s the kind of thing if you don't do it, you feel like you missed out.   

Q. Why are you doing it? 

A. I find this sort of research really interesting because a lot of the classes we take focus more on the health side of things, but biology is a very broad field. It’s more than just medical applications. There are such things as taxonomy, zoology, parasitology. So what we are doing today is part of that larger world.    

Q. How might this research impact your future? 

A. Well, I’m pre-dental, graduating with a degree in biology, and I’ll be entering the Creighton School of Dentistry. Research projects like these teach skills across disciplines. A lot of biology can be lab-based, but these kinds of experiences send you into the field, which can very interesting.