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Darby Durbin

“I got started with research through connections and my professors helped me find research that would best fit my interests.” - Darby Durbin  

Rats took center stage in Darby Durbin's research experience. While testing the liability of minor cannabinoids in rats, she meticulously attended to their welfare by monitoring their food, water and environmental conditions. In true Jesuit spirit, Darby showed care and respect for others.

Through her interactions with mentors and peers, and work in the lab, she developed strong networking skills and practical lab techniques such as graphing and drug mixing.

Reflecting on her journey and the mentoring from Dustin J. Stairs, PhD , Darby is ready to fearlessly explore new avenues and seize opportunities in her passion for research.

Hands-On Laboratory Experience Begins at Creighton

Darby with mouse
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