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Emma Goldsmith

Class of 2022

Emma Goldsmith, BSEVS’22, trod the marshy grasslands of the Heron Haven Nature Center in Omaha searching for grass samples. Her research is just one example of the many opportunities Bluejays have to work alongside expert faculty, making important discoveries with a real-world impact.

Q. What are you researching? 

A. We are measuring biomass levels in marshes. We take samples of the grasses and then dry them and weigh them. We combine this with satellite imagery to assess the health of a particular marsh or wetland. It's really important, especially as the climate is changing, to be able to assess changes with the biomass, or with water quality.   

Q. What is the most important aspect of your research? 

A. For me, it’s water quality analysis. If I can develop an algorithm that I overlay on to satellite imagery, it could be applicable all over the world. So, places off the coast of Africa, or other places that are hard to reach, will be able to assess water quality even if they don’t have the tools they need to do it themselves. That could be very important.   

Q. Should students interested in research consider Creighton? 

A. Yes. The great thing about Creighton is that the class sizes are so small, and the professors are always engaged. I have one-on-one interaction with an expert in the field, all the time. It’s great.   

Q. How do you assess your time at Creighton? 

A. I feel I’ve developed as a friend, as an intellectual and a person. The pandemic threw things off a little bit, but overall, it set me up well to go into the world as a competent and confident person. Research opportunities at Creighton changed my whole experience.