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Eric Nguyen

Class of 2023

As a Creighton graduate who was inspired by undergraduate research opportunities, Eric Nguyen is now pursuing medical school. Working alongside expert faculty-mentors, Bluejays are making discoveries that impact our world locally and beyond.

Q. Where are you from? 

A. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.   

Q. What research are you doing today? 

A. My peers and I researched the prevalence of the parasitic horsehair worm. We collected snails and then looked at them under the microscope to see if we find the cyst of the horsehair worm. We believe the horsehair worm is a main factor in the food chain of the water system. So, if the horsehair worm is not present, or if the hosts of the horsehair worm are not present, then there may be something wrong with that specific ecological system.    

Q. So how was your research experience been? 

A. It was really great. I came into this research project after watching some movies about the horsehair worm. This project was my first research experience at Creighton, and it helped me develop my research skills.  

Q. How has faculty been? 

A. They have a strong commitment and show a lot of passion in their teaching. They put a lot of effort in. They made sure to say, “Hey, do you guys understand this before we move on? Because I really want to make sure you understand these simple steps before you move on to harder ones.”    

Q. Why did you come to Creighton? 

A. I wanted to go to Creighton because of its medical school, and I heard good things about research here, too.    

Q. Did you find it easy to get into research? 

A. Yeah, I got into Fr. Shea’s research after he said he needed some students for summer research and then, when I found the topic interesting, I emailed him.