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Sofia Deatherage

Class of 2023

“Creighton provided me with the resources, mentorship and classes necessary for me to conduct research and gave me the competence to be able to carry out passion projects like this.”
- Sofia Deatherage

Research goes beyond the laboratory, and Creighton alumni Sofia Deatherage’s research even spanned multiple departments. She worked with professors in psychology and communications to study messages young adults of ethnic minorities hear in their families about mental health and how those messages impact their stigma toward it.

Looking at mental health from different cultural perspectives is something Sofia has always been interested in studying. Taking on this project, she gained hands-on experience with research data by running correlations and analyzing her findings. She says, “Creighton gave me the space to explore my passions and allowed me to just grow into myself as a researcher.”

Mental Health Research Project Driven by Creighton Student

Sofia Deatherage with poster
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