Spirit & Traditions

Get BLUE and be part of the creighton tradition.

Spirit and Traditions and Creighton

Traditions are important here. As part of our community, we want you to learn our school song, embrace our values and be part of the heart and soul of campus life.

It starts with the Creighton Pathway, an event where new students, all dressed in bright blue Creighton shirts, are welcomed. From St. John’s Church to the D.J. Sokol Arena, students show their Bluejay pride and walk in procession on their way to the President’s Academic Convocation—the formal welcome to the University.

And we know how to “get our BLUE on.” Our Getting Blue BBQs are one of our most popular traditions. Started by the students and staff in Kenefick Residence Hall, Getting Blue BBQs take place throughout the academic year.

Join Billy Bluejay and cheer for “The White and the Blue!”