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Eli Vedral 

I’m a cross-country runner, a graphic design major and the owner of Kookaburra Cookies. And I can do it all because I’m a Bluejay. I’m building my future with the Creighton community behind and beside me.  

A Runner, A Baker, A Bluejay

Eli Vedral wears a lot of hats. He’s an entrepreneur, baker, cross-country runner, and student. Thanks to support from the Creighton community, he’s been able to do it all—successfully running Kookaburra Cookies while being a full-time student and athlete. He says the support of the Creighton community has helped make it possible. He has a steady stream of cookie orders from faculty, staff and students, and he’s been able to complete graphic design projects for the business in his classes. That’s the kind of support you can expect as a Creighton Bluejay.