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Rhiannon McCracken

As a biochemistry major and researcher, I’m making discoveries that could help develop tomorrow’s cancer therapies. And I can do it because I’m a Bluejay. With the support of the Creighton community, ambitions can take flight.

Biochemistry, College of Arts and Sciences

During my first campus tour at Creighton, I was amazed at how often my tour guide was stopped by friends, professors and classmates passing by. That feeling of community stuck with me, and I knew right then that I wanted to be a Bluejay.

Now, as a junior studying biochemistry, I’m more convinced than ever that I made the right decision. Here, I’ve found a community of friends and mentors who have not only supported me throughout my college journey but also helped shape my goals.

I initially came to Creighton hoping to study medicine, but quickly discovered that I have a passion for scientific research. Now, working with Julie Strauss-Soukup, I’m conducting research in the lab, studying an important noncoding RNA sequence. With more knowledge about this sequence, we can help develop the next generation of pharmaceuticals and cancer therapies. At Creighton, undergraduates like me have an opportunity to engage in important research with real-world impact. 

I’ve chosen to pursue a PhD, with the eventual goal of becoming a professor at a university that emphasizes undergraduate research,—just like Creighton. It’s my dream to be able to give a new generation of students the same type of mentorship and community I’ve received here.

In fact, I’ve already gotten a head start by working as a chemistry tutor and a campus tour guide. In everything I do, I hope to showcase what’s possible here at Creighton, where we do well by doing good.
— Rhiannon McCracken | Biochemistry, College of Arts and Sciences