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Job Search & Networking

International students conduct a job search much like other candidates, but two additional approaches (and extra effort) are often necessary to be successful. In addition, you may find it helpful to review Creighton's Employer Guide for Hiring International Students.

U.S. and International Employers who may be more likely to hire international candidates:

  • Hired international students previously
  • Have locations in or plan to do business with the candidate's home country

Use the following tools to target employers:

Going Global

Identify companies who have petitioned for H-1B visas by industry, job title, company, location, wage and number or applications.

Identify companies who have petitioned for H-1B visas and Permanent Residency (Green Card).

Foreign Labor Certification Data Center

Provided by the U.S. government, this resource shares information about petitions including the companies who hired internationals, jobs titles, salaries, and cities. The entire website is helpful, but make sure you review the tab marked Disclosure Data, then scroll down to LCA Programs (H-1B).


Explore directories of U.S. firms operating in foreign countries and foreign firms operating in the U.S.

For any candidate, networking is an essential component of the job search process. In fact, some of the best opportunities are found through networking!

Learn more about how to build your professional network. Make sure to join the Creighton University LinkedIn Group to find alumni from your home country, academic background, or targeted career field.

Rule of thumb: Reach out to professionals for their advice, not to ask directly for a job.

Sample Networking Email:

Dear Chao,

I am a student at Creighton University and will graduate in May with my Master of Business Administration. I saw on LinkedIn that you also graduated from Creighton and are from my hometown in China. Would you be willing to connect with me to discuss my job search? 

Thank you,

Feng Yao