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International Student Career Planning Timeline

Get the lay of the land, learn about Creighton University and Omaha. Get to know people in your classes and meet both other international students as well as students from the United States. Learn about what program of study you are most interested in and the opportunities for majors and minors.

Quick Tips:

  • Meet with a Career Advisor to talk through career goals
  • Take advantage of the career fairs, Major/Minor Exploration Fair, and other career events
  • Participate in shadowing and informational interviews
  • Join a club or organization
  • Get to know your faculty
  • Network with students, faculty, and staff

Spend this year on practical career steps: Resumes, cover letters, networking, and experience. Many will not have the opportunity to have an internship during their sophomore year, however, internships are not the only way to gain practical experience in your field.  

Quick Tips:

  • Seek out volunteer, research, and leadership opportunities that can gain you practical skills
  • Look for on-campus positions that will challenge and stretch your ability
  • Meet with a Career Advisor regarding your resume and experiential opportunities
  • Attend the career fairs and other career-related events
  • Start networking with companies, graduate school recruiters, professionals etc.

Many international students take advantage of internships or career-relevant experiences during their junior year. First make sure you are aware of the opportunities available to you through your visa and training opportunities by talking with the Global Engagement Office. Depending on your field, off-campus internships are incredibly important to future success.

Quick Tips:

  • Meet with the Global Engagement Office to understand the opportunities for off-campus work experiences
  • Meet with a Career Advisor to discuss options for enriching experience in your field of interest
  • Update Handshake with all your accurate information and career interests
  • Start applying for graduate or professional school
  • Create a game plan for full-time job search
  • Keep networking

This is the year to wrap up - focus on applications for full-time positions or post-graduate programs, have fun with friends, hone your interviewing skills and get ready to finish strong.

Quick Tips:

  • Meet with a Career Advisor to review application, interviewing, and answer any remaining questions
  • Make sure your training and/or visa applications are on the right path, the Global Engagement Office can help
  • Keep networking
  • Pace yourself and know your goals

Each graduate program has different length and requirements, take a deep breath and learn what is required of you and move forward. 

Quick Tips:

  • Meet with a Career Advisor to set out a development plan
  • Engage in conferences and professional meetings
  • Inform your PI of your goals and work through different opportunities
  • Know the training options available to you, including opportunities for off-campus internships
  • Don't be afraid to ask your questions