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Educational Opportunity Center Eligibility

Who is Eligible

The Educational Opportunity Center at Creighton University is a community resource for residents of the Omaha metropolitan and surrounding area. We are dedicated to helping individuals begin or continue their post secondary education. All services offered by the Educational Opportunity Center are FREE, but participants must meet the following minimum federal requirements to participate in the program:

Citizenship Documentation

U.S. Citizen
Permanent Resident
Resident Alien
INS evidence showing intent to become permanent resident

Desire for Service

You must want to pursue post-secondary education and voluntarily commit to participate in the program.

19 or Older

Your birthday is either in or before 2004.

Additional Information

How do I get started

The first step is to schedule an appointment with an EOC Coordinator. Your coordinator will discuss the EOC program and develop a plan of action to meet your needs.

Who is served

As mandated by Congress, two-thirds of the students served must qualify as being low income and, be a first generation college student whose parents have not completed a bachelor's degree.

I'm neither low income or first generation, can I still participate

Yes, our program can provide services to anyone who meets the minimum requirements mentioned above.

How much do services cost

The services provided by the EOC are funded by a federal TRIO grant and are offered at NO cost to program participants.

Where are the EOC Target Areas

EOC serves 1,000 participants every year from the following counties: