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Educational Opportunity Center Services

View the various services provided by the Educational Opportunity Center listed below.


General Educational Development (GED) 

EOC staff will assist persons seeking information or admission into a GED program. GED classes are for those individuals seeking to obtain their high school equivalency diploma. If enrolled in the EOC's GED program, you will be provided with the tools necessary to take and pass the General Education Development test (GED). EOC classes are customized for each student and  are free of charge. Individuals must complete a GED orientation prior to being enrolled into the program.

GED classes are held on Monday and Wednesday from 9:00am-12:00pm

Pre GED classes are held on Monday and Wednesday from 1:00pm-3:30pm

All classes are held at the Creighton University Highlander located at 2112 N 30th St. Suite 101

       The EOC team can assist with the following:

  • Scheduling College and University Tours
  • College Application Submission
  • FAFSA Completion
  • Scholarship Search
  • Academic Advising or Course Selection 
  • Financial Aid Appeals
  • Student Loan Default
  • Requesting Transcripts

The EOC offers tutoring that can assist students in GED content areas such as Reasoning through Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies. Individuals enrolled in a college or university can also receive tutoring assistance with their post-secondary course work. Contact us today to schedule your session.

Student being tutored at table

EOC staff can assist you with creating a resume or revising a current resume. Our team can also assist individuals with creating a professional profile such as LinkedIn or Handshake.

Student writing resume

The EOC can assist you with improving your financial literacy. Our team can help you set financial goals and provide you with tips and resources on how to create a budget. The EOC staff can also staff provide information on checking and savings accounts and interest.

Drawing of person writing word on board -- Budget, Finance, Cash, Saving, Fund, Expenses, Etc.