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Mission & Strategic Plan

Our Mission

Creighton University Libraries uphold the University's mission through the provision of resources, services, and spaces for teaching and learning.

Our Values

  • Foster a culture of mutual respect, cooperation, and understanding​

  • Provide equitable access to resources and services for the benefit of our diverse community​

  • Promote a culture that strives for excellence through growth and continuous improvement​

  • Contribute to the advancement of social responsibility in the community and throughout the world​

  • Empower open inquiry and experimentation to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration and scholarship

  • Nurture critical thinkers to become knowledge builders and active problem solvers

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Creighton University Libraries are dedicated to fostering social justice in the community, region and throughout the world.

Library Information Literacy Learning Objectives

Creighton University Libraries Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Creighton University Libraries Strategic Plan