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About IDEA Hub

The initial vision for the IDEA Hub was that Creighton students should have an innovation experience and that the University should have an innovation engine to generate and accelerate ideas from across campus. From these beginnings, it was imagined how the space and program could be developed to support that vision. The result was the IDEA Hub, or Creighton University’s Research and Development Lab, located on the lower level of the Reinert-Alumni Memorial Library, Suite L06. The IDEA Hub formally opened on April 12, 2016.

An Innovation Space

The IDEA Hub has since grown into a space for students, faculty, and staff to explore possibilities. Staff and student interns tackle a variety of challenges from across campus as well as those from partners.

An area in which the IDEA Hub is increasingly involved is with innovation in education. Those areas include virtual worlds, augmented reality case studies, and content conversion into new formats.

Community outreach continues by collaborating with groups such as the Health Sciences Multicultural and Community Affairs group, providing workshops on a variety of technology topics, and presenting at conferences. The IDEA Hub participates in STEAM activities including teaching technology courses in the Upward Bound Program.

The move of the IDEA Hub to the University Libraries further expands what the IDEA Hub can offer academically. This includes projects in digital humanities and data services.