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Pre-Professional Law Scholars

As a Creighton student, you are encouraged to take advantage of Student Success, our one-of-a-kind program designed to give you the edge as a student and beyond. Traditional advising at other universities focuses only on keeping students on track so they can check all the boxes for their degrees (major, minor, core). At Creighton, you will also receive specialized pre-professional advising through Student Success advisors, who will provide in-depth one-on-one discussions and advising regarding your academic and co-curricular requirements for professional school, as well as guidance through the professional school application process, including shadowing, mentoring and research experiences.

As part of the Creighton Pre-Professional Law Scholars Program (CPPSP), you will be in good company as you become part of this elite and comprehensive pre-professional program that you won’t find at other universities. CPPSP marries the strength of our undergraduate preparation with the quality of our professional programs on two campuses and online, giving you a powerful and extensive background. You will receive the unique benefits of Student Success program and a variety of other advantages if you meet program requirements, including guaranteed admission to the Creighton School of Law, a Creighton Pre-Professional Scholars Program Scholarship, individualized meetings with faculty, and more.

Creighton Benefits

Every Creighton student who is interested in pre-professional studies can take advantage of these benefits.

  • Pre-Law Community: series of workshops, events, classes, presentations, and activities designed to help strengthen the candidacy of students as they prepare for the graduate/professional school application process.
  • Access to pre-law advisors in the Center for Advising Resources and Support for individual advising meetings
  • Practice interviews for professional school
  • Personal statement advice and assistance
  • Guidance on seeking internship, shadowing, and experiential learning opportunities
  • Mentoring program with current professional school students
  • Mentorship from the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURAS) to seek research opportunities on campus

Pre-Professional Law Scholar Benefits

Eligible students must apply and be accepted to the Creighton Pre-Professional Scholars Program (CPPSP) to take advantage of these benefits.

  • Guaranteed admission to Creighton School of Law, if you meet the requirements as listed below
  • Access to a dedicated pre-law advisor in the Center for Advising Resources and Support for individual advising meetings.  
  • Networking event(s) each semester with admissions representatives and/or alumni from Creighton School of Law. 
  • Shadowing opportunities with local attorneys, law faculty, and other Creighton Law Clinics, starting freshman year
  • A dedicated current law school student mentor, starting sophomore year
  • $12,000 scholarship ($4,000 annually) to Creighton School of Law, if criteria are met
  • Additional scholarship funds are also available
A law student presenting during moot court

Consideration Criteria for Pre-Professional Law Scholars

  • Minimum high school GPA of 3.8 on a 4.0 scale
  • Leadership and/or extracurricular experiences in school and in the community

In order to be considered for CPPSP, your Application for Undergraduate Admission must be submitted by December 1 of your senior year. A separate CPPSP Application is required, with a deadline of January 10 and must include:

  • A completed CPPSP application
  • An essay explaining your interest in the field of law
  • Resume outlining experience and extra-curricular involvements
  • An interview with a member of the selection committee will be scheduled for select finalists prior to your enrollment

CPPSP Applications will be available in the student portal of eligible students.

Requirements for Admission & Scholarship to Creighton University School of Law

  • Creighton Bachelor’s degree or having met 3 + 3 enrollment requirements
  • Any major is acceptable, but students must display how they have built skills in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, reading comprehension, and oral and written communication.
  • Students are required to attain a minimum score of 153 on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) prior to applying for admission to Creighton’s Law School.
  • Students must submit a satisfactory writing sample as a part of the application to Creighton’s Law School.
  • Students must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 as a Creighton undergraduate student at the time of application and matriculation to the Law School.
  • School of Law admission is predicated on a satisfactory review of character and fitness to practice law. The applicant must satisfy the law school’s standards for character and fitness.
  • Students must shadow, observe, or meet with a minimum of two attorneys prior to application.
  • A completed application must be received by the Creighton University School of Law’s Admission Office by March 31 of the calendar year of intended law school matriculation.
  • An interview may be required.
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