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Philosophy (Bachelor of Arts)

A Bachelor of Arts (BA) in philosophy at Creighton will introduce you to concepts, arguments and worldviews that will sharpen your ethical vision and help you make critical choices throughout life.

Philosophy often plays a larger role in Jesuit, Catholic universities than at other institutions of higher education. Jesuit universities challenge students to tackle big questions from two perspectives—philosophical and religious. Jesuit education is committed to using both faith and reason in harmony.

Philosophy is a rigorous discipline, and philosophy majors as a group perform very well on entrance exams, including the LSAT, GRE, GMAT and MCAT

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Program Details

Creighton’s BA in philosophy will equip you with skills in analytical writing, careful reading and critical thinking. Philosophy at Creighton combines faith and reason, and can lead you to develop a mature, reflective faith.

Philosophy graduates have a record of success in advanced study leading to professional and managerial positions in law, medicine and business. Recent graduate school placements include:

  • Emory University
  • Saint Louis University School of Law
  • UCLA School of Law
  • University of Freiburg
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Kansas School of Law
  • University of Michigan School of Law


The traditional BA philosophy program curriculum is 36 credits.

Program Minors Include:

Applied Ethics Minor

The applied ethics minor provides you with an understanding of applied ethics from the perspectives of philosophy and theology. The minor introduces you to the differences and similarities in philosophical and theological approaches to applied ethics, different theories of ethics in these two disciplines and how to relate the two.

History and Philosophy of Science Minor

This interdisciplinary minor introduces you to the key historical events in the emergence of science and to the philosophical debates about what counts as science, theories of scientific method, realism and anti-realism and the role of values in science.

Philosophy Minor

The philosophy minor will give you an understanding of how philosophers of the past have approached a variety of philosophical problems and an understanding of how a single set of related philosophical problems could be approached in a variety of different ways.

Admissions Requirements

Creighton admissions are based upon:

  • High school GPA
  • ACT or SAT scores*
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Personal statement to demonstrate creative abilities not reflected in your transcripts
  • Recommendation from high school counselor
  • Honors sections and advanced placement courses will enhance a candidate’s application
*For students who are choosing to apply test-optional, ACT/SAT exam scores are not required at the time of application for admission.

Dates & Deadlines

Applications for the fall semester open on Aug. 1 of the prior year. For scholarship consideration, the earlier you complete your undergraduate application, the better. For up-to-date deadlines, visit our admissions page.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Tuition rates are updated each year. Visit our financial aid site to learn more about the cost of attendance.

Financial Aid

Creighton University’s Financial Aid Office administers over $200,000,000 in student aid each year from federal, state, institutional and private sources.

To help make your undergraduate studies at Creighton University more affordable, we encourage you to file the FAFSA to apply for financial assistance. A variety of scholarships are also available.

Tenhir Lyer
“I’ve acquired valuable skills during my time studying philosophy at Creighton: critical thinking, the ability to ask questions, and how to form sound arguments to drive important intellectual discussions.”
— Tenhir Iyer, Philosophy major
Anne Ozar
“The philosophy department challenges students to become self-responsible thinkers. Creighton philosophy students learn to think critically and carefully about concepts, arguments and worldviews from across the philosophical tradition.”
— Anne Ozar, PhD, Associate Professor of Philosophy
Katt Reed
“I did great internships, participated in research projects and took courses in different areas of interest. I worked with professors who cared about me as a person and encouraged me to connect what I was learning with my interests outside of the classroom.”
— Katt Reed, Philosophy alumna

Phi Sigma Tau: Philosophy

The Nebraska Beta Chapter of Phi Sigma Tau provides a non-classroom environment for philosophical discourse and study. Our mission coincides with the Jesuit mission of Creighton University through the quest for truth in all its forms and the integrating vision of the world that such truth provides.

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