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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Offering Programs in Chemistry and Biochemistry

Our department offers students a comprehensive undergraduate education in chemistry and biochemistry, the central sciences. Our programs of study include a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, accredited by the American Chemical Society (ACS), with specialization in either chemistry or biochemistry, a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in chemistry, a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in biochemistry, and a a Bachelor of Science degree with a major in applied chemistry. In our programs, we encourage students to participate in the wide range of chemical and biochemical research projects within the department and throughout Creighton. Practicing chemist or biochemist, graduate or professional school, chemical or biomedical engineer, future science teacher: Whatever your career path, Creighton Chemistry and Biochemistry faculty and staff will help you succeed.

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View the program details for Chemistry (BS Generalist Track or BSCHM Chemistry Track), Biochemistry (BS Biochemistry Track or BSCHM Biochemistry Track) and Applied Chemistry (BS Chemistry Track).


The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry strives for excellence in all its programs. We are dedicated to helping our faculty, staff and students discover their talents and abilities and develop them to the fullest, inspiring critical and creative thinking. By providing a broad array of pedagogical approaches including innovative lecture courses and significant laboratory experiences, we are committed to challenging our students to think rigorously and act as ethical scientists and responsible citizens. We seek to offer our faculty opportunities to grow as scholars and teachers and encourage our students to join us as active participants in our scholarly endeavors, especially independent research. We emphasize the values of trust, respect for others, inclusivity, and personal and professional integrity in the best sense of the Jesuit educational tradition.

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“There's a lot of overlap between the classes I’m taking and the research that I do, especially in terms of the techniques I use to study the molecules that I make.”

Connor Price, Chemistry Major