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Faculty Stories

Meet the faculty who will mentor you on the path to success.

Jeffrey Hause PhDJeffrey Hause, PhD

For Jeffrey Hause, PhD, a professor of philosophy and Classical and Near Eastern studies in the College of Arts and Sciences at Creighton University, the classroom is what brings him to life.

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Patricia Soto BecerraPatricia Soto Becerra, PhD

Patricia Soto Becerra, PhD, associate professor of physics, loves when her students discover “the joy of doing,” which happens often in her computational biophysics laboratory.

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Simon ApplefordSimon Appleford, PhD

“I always want to make myself available to students. They should see me not as someone who is trying to enforce rules or trip them up but as someone who is an ally in helping them reach their potential.”

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Gintaras DudaGintaras Duda, PhD

Gintaras Duda, PhD, an associate professor of physics, knows that students learn best with social interaction.

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Matthew HussMatthew Huss, PhD

Matthew Huss, PhD, a professor of psychology, says his goal in the classroom is to capture his students’ attention—and keep it.

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Amy WendlingAmy Wendling, PhD

Amy Wendling, PhD, professor of philosophy, studies the concept of time as a structure of social domination.

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Greg ZachariasGreg Zacharias, PhD

Greg Zacharias, PhD, professor of English, is a leading scholar of Henry James and was named 2014 Nebraska Professor of the Year.

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Carol ZuegnerCarol Zuegner, PhD

Carol Zuegner, PhD, teaches social media, while putting it to work engaging her students and the causes she cares about.

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At Creighton, our students work side by side with faculty on the research process. The opportunities are limitless to discover, use critical thinking and gain knowledge through the inquiry process.
— Julianne Soukup, PhD, Professor of chemistry