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Registration FAQs

Answers to Your Registration Questions.

We hope this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will answer any questions you have about registering for courses at the College of Arts and Sciences at Creighton University. However, if you can’t find the answer to your specific question, simply email We’re here to help you reap all of the benefits of a liberal arts education.

Who is my academic advisor?

  • Your academic advisor (also called “faculty preceptor”) is a College of Arts and Sciences faculty member. Your advisor will help you build your schedule and will teach your section of RSP 101, Introduction to the Culture of Collegiate Life, in the fall of your freshman year. You should have received an email from Creighton with the contact information for your academic advisor/faculty preceptor. If you are within a week of your registration time and have not had contact with your advisor, call the dean’s office at 402.280.3990.

What is a typical course load?

  • To be considered a full-time student, you need to register for, and complete, at least 12 hours in a semester. Most incoming freshmen take between 15-17 credit hours in a semester.

What do I do if the courses I want are closed?

  • If there are no open sections, you can try to add it as sections open up throughout the summer. Log onto the NEST occasionally and check the status of that closed course. Sometimes students drop courses and change their schedules, so your course might open up. You can also contact the department chair during Welcome Week to inquire about getting an override into the course. And while you might prefer to take a certain course, please be flexible and try to add another open course.

What if I am unable to register at my scheduled time?

  • If you will be away, try to find a time as soon as possible after your scheduled time to register. Remember, you can register online anywhere in the world! You can also have someone else register for you. They will need your NetID, password and your registration PIN.

What classes should I take in my first semester?

  • There is no definitive set of first-semester courses. Most students build their schedule around the core curriculum, and include at least one course in the area in which they are planning to major. The best advice is to consult your faculty.

What is RSP?

  • RSP stands for Ratio Studiorum Program (Latin for “plan of study”), the comprehensive academic advising program for students in the College of Arts and Sciences. It is comprised of a one-credit required course, RSP 101, Introduction to the Culture of Collegiate Life, that you must take in the fall of your freshman year. 

Can I change my RSP section?

  • We try to include a variety of students (i.e., gender, academic interest, academic achievement, and geography) in each RSP section, so we’re hesitant to make changes. However, if you have a conflict, please email We’ll do our best to accommodate your request to change sections.

What Math class should I take and when should I take it? 

  • Math placement is based on your ACT or SAT math scores. Our faculty members have worked out the ranges to predict your success in those courses. If you feel that your math scores on these standardized tests don’t reflect your true abilities you can take the Online Placement Exam.  Your advisor can help you determine if should take the placement test and which test you should take; they will also help you determine in which semester you should register for Math.  
  • There are typically three different math classes that Arts and Sciences students may take to fulfill requirements in the Magis Core Curriculum:
    • Math 205 Math for the modern world (2 credit hours)
      • Intended audience is Humanities and Social Science Majors.
    • Math 231 Calculus for the Biological Sciences (3 credit hours)
      • Intended audience is Biological, (some) Neuroscience, and Pre-Health Sciences majors who will primarily use calculus for modeling biological phenomena.
    • Math 245 Calculus I (4 credit hours)
      • Intended audience is students who are good at and interested in Mathematics. 
    • Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computational Neuroscience, Math, Physics, and Energy Tech majors require Math 245.
  • For more information, contact Dr. Nathan Pennington at

Can I finish the pre-med or pre-dental requirements if I do not take calculus or chemistry this fall?

  • Yes. Take MTH 139 this fall and then sign up for MTH 245 in the spring semester. Your faculty preceptor will then help you map out your courses.

What is RSP 120 and do I have to take it?

  • RSP 120 (Strategies for Academic Success) is a course designed to help students achieve academic success at Creighton, with an emphasis on improving personal academic skills. It can be a condition of admission for some students. If this is the case with you, you will be pre-assigned to a section of RSP 120.

How do I register for a foreign language?

  • If you studied French, German or Spanish in high school you should take the online Language Placement Exam in that language. Your course placement will be sent to you (in your Creighton email) and your faculty preceptor. If you have studied Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Japanese, or Latin please reference the language placement page for contact information for the faculty contact who will assist in determining at what level you should begin. If you have never studied a language but wish to study it at Creighton, please register for the 111 course in that language.

Where do I find out about my AP/IB scores and credit at Creighton?

  • Creighton receives the AP/IB scores in mid-July. They will be evaluated and the courses which you will receive credit for will be determined. You will then be notified of the Creighton courses for which you will receive credit. If you know your score, find out which credits you will be awarded at Advanced Placement. Please do not register for a class if you expect to receive AP/IB credit for that class.

What if I have credit from another college?

  • If you have taken college courses before coming to Creighton, have official transcripts sent for evaluation to:
  • Mr. Gerry Kuhlman
    Creighton College of Arts and Sciences
    2500 California Plaza
    Omaha, NE  68178

Can I change my schedule?

  • Before you make a change, discuss it with your faculty preceptor. If you’re looking to add a course, consult the list of courses to make sure there is room. Changes can be made directly online. Just access the system like you did when you initially registered for classes. The deadline to add or drop classes is one week after classes begin. Typically, you will not be allowed to add any courses after that day. A “W” on your transcript will indicate drops that occur after the first week of classes. You can still withdraw from a course until shortly after midterms.
  • Note: Your RSP 101 section cannot be changed without approval from the Dean’s Office. If you have been assigned to RSP 120 “Strategies for Academic Success” and need to change sections, please contact the Dean’s Office.

When do I start taking courses in my major?

  • Depending on your degree program you may take courses in your major right away.  For example, elementary education and social work majors should begin following a recommended sequence of courses in their freshman year. If you’re undecided about a major, you may take an elective course, or lower level course, to explore your interest in an area. You can apply to your major department any time after your first year is completed, and you have completed any requirements specified by the department in the Undergraduate Catalog (Bulletin).

What if I want to study abroad?